Chefs bio

  Toyana Moore Pastrie chef born 2/18/83. Toyana Moore graduated from olney high school in Philadelphia Pa. Toyana Moore started baking around the age of 25. Toyana Moore first started out making birthday cakes until she discovered the other side of the baking world. 2007 Toyana worked under chef Brandon Hardwood,pastrie chef Zilla Anderson, and also did private events for chef Ryan Moore. Toyana also attend a number of classes under pastrie chef Jerome T.jones.  Toyana was also a feature on the radio station a while back  called simply monicas.                                                                                                                    Chef Ryan Moore born 04/21/80 studied under a number of great chefs like Darell Harmen, Marc Miguel, Shaun buffer, George Perrier just to name a few.Ryan also prepared food for a number of celebrities like John legend 4th of July event when he came to Philadelphia, the rap group called the roots, also when president Obama came to Philly we also did dinner for him while I was one of the Chefs at the water works restaurant. Ryan also made dinner for one of the well known members of the rap group dipset known as hell rell.The list goes on and on. 2017 Ryan moore  also won the best appetizer for  the company entrepreneur works.