Owners of Touch Of Greatness Ryan &Toyana Moore

Chefs story

We are a family based company. We are both chefs who never thought we would ever be working together, let a lone marry each other. It started out as a funny joke when she first started baking years ago, I remember coming home saying Betty crocker always baked when she came home lol. My w ife used to say marry Betty then we would laugh, then one day she started baking the kids birthday cakes,and it was over from there,it all began this journey of ours.....I remember coming home that day after a long day of work we did about 325 people that day.When I got home she said look I said where u buy that from. We both laughed and she punched me in the shoulder lol. After my arm healed up bout a couple years later we formed this company touch of greatness and we beenĀ  moving along ever since.